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Fm Radio Transmitter

This radio transmitter is characterized by high sensitivity and ease of construction. This is an enhanced version of the transmitter, which is also one of my first electronics projects. Improvement consists in completely new PCB design that is optimized and reduced as well as the replacement of old and expensive BC107 transistors which were used in the original scheme, with cheaper transistors.

In ideal conditions the range of the displayed FM transmitter is 500m. For antenna of this device can be used any wire length up to 50cm.

IMPORTANT: The construction of the device described above requires a basic knowledge of electronics and amateur radio. In some countries it is prohibited to use the FM band without special permits.

I will not spend a lot to say about design and principle of operation of the presented radio transmitter . It is a classic FM radio transmitter with one transistor in the oscillator circuit and one that serves as a pre-amplifier. On the Internet you can find many varieties of this radio transmitters and all of them are very similar. The only difference is that circuit shown here is tested and worksin practice. The device is small enough to be used as a spy bugs but also it can be used as baby alarm . The finished kit of this project can be ordered on this site for 9e


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