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Fender Bassman AB165 build – I part

King is dead – Long live the king , probably is the word which can describe this project . After many months of designing, parts ordering, speaking with people and etc. this project coming to be finished. . I must say also that this project is for my brother which is an musician. So let’s start. Almost all parts for prototyping are finished so in this part I would like to present chasis and cabinet. So, why bassman? By my opinion and some of my friends it is because of sound than because of sound and at last but not the least because of sound … than we can speak about all other things like mods and etc. but probably the reason why i make final decision to build this amp is suggestion from Sasa (Trafomatic) who also suggest me to build this one.

For those who still did not get sch and plans they can be downloaded here:



Chasis – pdf

Please comment and in next chapter I will speak more about electronics.

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