Do It Yourself Electronics

Aleph M (mini) Single end 10w amp

This is one small and “cute” amplifier . Very easy to build, due to with initial sch , there is no additional space for setup . Recommended transformer is 2x15V

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Silicon Chip 7 band HiFi Equalizer

What to say, if everything is already written at the Silicon Chip magazine. I built it and make it as kit. Due to many small and quality capacitors which are

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Kappa 22w and Calor Gold 40w A class by dr.Bora Jagodic

Before 5 years (4.9.2016) dr. Bora Jagodic was left our world and continue his great work I hope on better place. In the memory to him and his contribution to

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Mugen Hybrid

Dear visitors, long time ago I wanted to build an HiFi amplifier with tubes . Personally , I think that discrete components are much more advanced compared with tubes however

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Kaneda K209 Grand Floyd

This is one of amplifiers which I want to build long time ago. It is built in many variants and it has many tweaks, however I choose to build Grand

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Blue Hiraga 8W

For the 1st year anniversary of Hifistor company I would like to share this Hiraga 8w amplifier build, codename Maria with all visitors. Many times I asked myself what will

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