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Dear visitors, long time ago I wanted to build an HiFi amplifier with tubes . Personally , I think that discrete components are much more advanced compared with tubes however we can not simply avoid tube amplifier sonic . So , for start , natural choice must be something between . This project is from Elektor magazine and everything what you need to build it up, including project description, setup , power supply and characteristic’s can be find easily over internet or directly from Elektor . Still did not have listen it one real speakers but first impression is very good and pleasant. In my project I have used Russian tubes 6n23p(ecc88) and 6n2p(ecc83) due to they have good quality, specially if you are lucky to get those with EV mark on them. As always short audio test of this amplifier can be seen on HiFiStOr faceboook page or YouTube video . For all who still are not sure is it right project for them I can only say , this amp. worth every invested penny . Hope, soon, it will be also available as DIY it.

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