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Current amplifier

Before I start to work with my lateral mosfets I have few projects which have to finished. One of them is this current amplifier which is many times commented on local forums. On first sight there is nothing unusual with it, compact and nice schema easy to design. I like it due to it use metal film resistors in parallel for output power resistor . First time I have seen this in Bora Omega design’s and must say that it is good way to for small amount of money to get very good output resistors. Most of them are wired and as we already know wire have some inductivity which can have negative impact on sound. It is also amps eater and need very good heatsink. It use very popular and proven Toshiba 2sc5200/2sa1943 pair, and the minimum ampere’s which I get is 2A when I spin trimmer potentiometer on the lowest value. It probably can be tuned by increasing the value of output resistors (in sch there is 6 of 1Ohm in parallel) however I would like to try original one so I did not make any other changes. On first on, sound is clear and very good balanced and as always short test can be listen on my Facebook page.

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