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Hitachi 100w Lateral Mosfet amplifier

After some time I finally finished my first lateral mosfet amplifier. Sound is, by my first impression, very good, I would not want to say that it is amazing but at last it is “different” . I bought a lot of lateral’s from Exicon company and in future I would like to test few more of them at least. Setup were not easy and have some troubles at start however at the end everything was fine and amplifier start playing . Short audio can be listen HERE .

Setup (easy way) :

  1. Clamp 2x DMM to output resistors (0R22) r16 and r19 and set to mV reading
  2. Spin trimmer potentiometer to CCW end position
  3. Short the input
  4. Turn on the amp
  5. Slowly start to spin trimmer potentiometer until dmm shows 1.8mV on one side , and other one should be -1.5mV
  6. Voltage may vary but it have to be in this range 1.4 – 1.8mV

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