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Borbely 60w Mosfet amp for one very Happy new year

After some time, I finally finished my second lateral mosfet amp and first one from old maestro E.Borbely .
This build waited for finishing some time due to originally published schematic has mistake .
Due to sch is old , some components were hard to find, however , due to this build I have lucky to find all of them strictly following all Erno’s instructions’ . Short audio test as always can be seen at my facebook page HERE . In this test I have used zener diodes, in place of lm385-1.2 , which means that 300R* marked resistors on board have to replaced with exactly 2k resistors. Depend on builder , board is designd to be used with 4vt zener either or lm385-1.2 (marked resistors remain the same 300r). This build by my opinion has very strong bass compared with my other A class build’s , and in general I’m very ‘happy’ with sound and sonic .

Is easy. As described in magazine, in my build I have to spin the trimmer potentiometer at the CW (clockwise) end position . Setup the dmm to measure mA , remove from one side fuse, and clamp DMM probes on them . Dmm have to show 150mA .

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