Do It Yourself Electronics

дин. 9,999.99

Power: 30W

Class: A

Chanel: Mono

Dimension: 11x10cm


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Kaneda 30w A class amplifier Do It Yourself Kit. This kit have everything what you need to make your own A class 30W amplifier.

The all output transistors  must be mounted on heatsink and heatsinks are only components which are not included in this kit.
El. capacitors are from Vishay and Elna, other mostly from Wima, so everything is designed to satisfy very rigorous standards.On board output transistor are 2N3055. 30W / 8 ohm version is obtained by replacing the 2 x 15V / 10VA and 2 x 12V / 120VA transformers with 2 x 18V / 10VA and 2 x 18V / 160VA. You just have to tweak the settings a bit. The sound quality remains the same.
pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Green Immersion silver



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