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Name: LSK170

Type: N Jfet

Source: Genuine

Package: TO92


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Producer: Linear Technology

Source: Genuine

 Replacement for: 2sk170 and 2sj74









VDSS max
Maximum Drain current
Maximum power dissipation

Additional information

LSK170 LSJ74 pair

A class , idss range 2.6-6.5mA, B class , idss range 6-12mA


2.7mA, 2.9mA, 3.0mA, 3.1mA, 3.2mA, 3.4mA, 3.6mA, 3.7mA, 3.8mA, 3.9mA, 4.0mA, 4.2mA, 4.3mA, 4.4mA, 4.5mA, 4.6mA, 4.7mA, 4.8mA, 4.9mA, 5.0mA, 5.1mA, 5.2mA, 5.3mA, 5.4mA, 5.5mA, 5.6mA, 5.7mA, 5.8mA, 5.9mA, 6.0mA, 6.1mA, 6.4mA, 6.7mA, 7.0mA, 7.3mA, 7.4mA, 7.5mA, 7.6mA, 7.7mA, 7.9mA, 8.0mA, 8.1mA, 8.2mA, 8.3mA, 8.4mA, 8.6mA, 8.7mA, 8.8mA, 9.0mA, 9.1mA, 9.2mA, 9.3mA, 9.5mA, 9.7mA, 9.8mA, 9.9mA, 10mA, 10.2mA, 10.4mA, 10.5mA, 10.7mA, 10.8mA, 10.9mA, 11.0mA, 11.1mA, 11.2mA, 11.3mA, 11.4mA, 11.5mA, 11.6mA, 11.7mA, 11.9mA, 12.4mA, 14.1mA

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