Do It Yourself Electronics

дин. 25,000.00

Power: 70W

Class: A

Chanel: Stereo

Dimension: PSU:11,6 x 18,3 cm  AMPLIFIER: 8,9 x 20,8 cm


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Elektor Mugen Hybrid 70W A class Amplifier Ultimate Do It Yourself Kit. This kit have everything what you need to make your own A class 10W amplifier.

Elektor Mugen Hybrid 70w A class amplifier Do It Yourself Kit. This kit include most of the components which you need to make your own A class 70W amplifier.
Kit do not include Electronic tubes, 6x 4700uF electrolytic capacitors for PSU and big 3.3uF capacitors (Jantzen red one on amplifier picture)
Electronic tubes which can be used are ecc83 (Russian 6n2p ) and ecc88 (or Russian direct replace 6n23p) or other similar
Due to different heater pins 6n2p is not direct replace for ecc83 . On amplifier pcb is option to setup ecc83/6n23p tube heater, only by jumper’s .
All components are genuine and with high quality . Vishay metal film resistors, output resistors are 5W Jantzen MOX .
It include 1 pcb of PSU with most of parts, 2x Amplifier PCB with most of parts
pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Red (Immersion silver which need to provide the best connectivity and audio quality )

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