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дин. 7,278.87

Power: 50W

Class: A

Chanel: Mono

Dimension: 5×28,8 cm

Transformer: 2x24V 350/400VA per channel

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PASS F5 25w  A class amplifier Do It Yourself Kit. This kit have everything what you need to make your own A class 25W amplifier.
The output transistors must be mounted on heatsink and heatsinks are only components which are not included in this kit.
Output Fet’s are fqaf12p20/fqaf19n20 which are more expensive than irfp 9240 / irf240 and final results can not be compared … 
FQA pair sound much much better and in comparison with irfp, there no noises…
All lines are on one side , so there no passive capacitance.
Kit is designed without wirewound resistors so, passive inductivity is minor.
Except output resistors all other are from Vishay dale or Panasonic.  
Driver transistors 2sj74/2sk170 are from China , but they are good and functional . All other components are genuine . If you need genuine matched transistors , please visit components selling page .
 pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Blue  (ENIG)

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