Do It Yourself Electronics

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Type: Fuzz pedal

Chanel: Mono

Dimension: 8.9 x 8,5 cm


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Proco The RAT famous Clone overdrive Do It Yourself kit . Most of  capacitors are axial,

so there is a possibility to build this unique overdrive by avoiding given PCB and soldering components 

directly . Kit will be delivered with all components which you need to build it and with components for original the rat schematic.
All resistors are 1% metal film or Carbon Compound Allen Bradley 
They include better components than original (better quality of capacitors and resistors), with big 100k potentiometers and for original schematics however with minor modifications 
you can build from it Led Rat or Turbo Rat . Kit is designed to do this modifications with same board, only by changing values which are marked on pcb board .

So, now you can buy fabric overdrive and get sound like million other guitars or try to make your own unique overdrive. 

The kit comes WITHOUT enclosure so it must be bought separately. Pcb is designed for wide 1590BB enclosure. In case that you want to solder components directly I recommend 1590BB
Pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Green Hasl

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