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Power: N/A

Class: Inteligent dimmer

Chanel: Mono

Dimension: 4.8 cm


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This device is connected to mains power line therefore it requires a lot of respect. If you are not sure in what you are doing, you better leave the installation part to the experienced electrician. Even though this device operates on 5V DC, when connected to mains voltage it can still kill you if you touch any part of it!

You can safely assemble it on your bench, but once it is connected to the mains, DO NOT TOUCH IT!

Please take the greatest of care in handling AC mains supply while constructing this project. If you have no knowledge of mains wiring or unfamiliar with household mains supply, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT CONSTRUCTION. I take no responsibility in any personal injury or loss of life or properties suffered by any person while undertaking the construction of this project or using the end product by following my instructions.

The included chip is programmed and ready for installingHow this device works is pretty cool, it powers itself from the mains through the load (usually a light bulb but it can also be a resistive heating element). The way it turns the load ON is by short-circuiting its own power supply! You can control it with your own TV remote controller – all you need is 4 spare buttons (usually those used for Teletext so that they don’t interfere with normal TV usage). It recognizes two IR protocols: NEC and RC5 (mostly used in the world).This DIY kit includes almost everything what you need to build you own smart dimmer with PIC12f629 . After purchasing buyer will receive on his e-mail project documentation together with source code for pic12f629 and 12f683 . Source code is not main, however I am releasing uncommented source code for this version for you to modify and have fun! This project work only on 220V and 50Hz and only for incandescent bulbs (NOT Led, fluorescent etc.) however converting to other networks will be easy with given source code for people who knows. The pcb board is best suitable with Slovenian TEM wall switch however the pcb is small and using it is possible with any type of wall (bell) switches.

Package include only pcb board , parts and project documentation (by email) . In package is NOT included TEM wall switch.

pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Blue HASL

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