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дин. 3,404.00

Power: Various

Class: A

Chanel: Mono

Dimension: 7.8×26.5 cm


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Hiraga 8w A class Power Supply PCB. Perfectly matched with my Hiraga A Class 8W Amplifier list. 

The PCB is designed especially for Hiraga 8W Amplifier but with minor modifications can be used for Aleph and Zen-X Amplifiers.
Filter Capacitors are 10000 – 47000uF with diameter of 3,0-3,5cm, depending on your needs.

As gift, the PCB will be sent with all parts excluding 8x filter capacitors (e.g. 22000uF)
pcb is FR4 1.6mm 2oz Blue ENIG (immersion gold which need to provide the best connectivity and audio quality )


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