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Kaneda K209 Grand Floyd

This is one of amplifiers which I want to build long time ago. It is built in many variants and it has many tweaks, however I choose to build Grand Floyd version. I tried to use as much as possible same components as it is in original build however I did not resist to make something different. At the stock I has some genuine Toshiba and Motorola 2N3773 transistors and I would like to hear them in this amp. For Hiraga and Nelson pass listeners I must say that this amp is another dimension if they can compared at all. Even with they old school transistors 2N3055 it sounds great and this was love on first sight . In my assortment I have many other amplifiers so I suppose that some of next coming products will replace it , but until now, this one is for sure one of my favorites. Setup of amplifier is very easy. If you populate everything good only what you have to do is to setup Offset and Current with appropriate potentiometers. To setup the current you have to measure voltage several times on labeled points on pcb , and setup it with current trim to 14,3mV . DC Offset has to be 0 , again with offset trim . I always setup it to be slightly negative. In kit it will come with standard 2N3055 transistors. For those who want to hear it on my test , they can visit my official facebook page . For those who want to play with this amp i suggesting replace of bd139 driver transistors with MJE182G . A 30W / 8 ohm version is obtained by replacing the 2 x 15V / 10VA and 2 x 12V / 120VA transformers with 2 x 18V / 10VA and 2 x 18V / 160VA. You just have to tweak the settings a bit. The sound quality remains the same.

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